Today, Sansys has two Software as a Service Offerings. – the cloud based capital project collaboration system used to manage construction projects Since 2001, has provided Healthcare and Government clients with a unique yet simplified approach to the management of capital projects. To date it has been used to manage over $2 billion in construction. This included five (5) large hospital restructuring projects each with budgets exceeding $100 million dollars. is unique within this somewhat crowded market in that it’s functionality is geared toward the needs of the facility owner first and foremost . Learn More


EMMA – a cloud based electrical/mechanical infrastructure mapping system for large, complex facilities.

A combination of professional services and software that transforms customer owned CAD based and other data into a comprehensive set of database tools and web interface to help facilities management personnel efficiently identify, locate, inventory, manage and edit details of their mission critical equipment.

What our customers say

“The decision to use an outside ASP to host the application allowed us to implement a solution quickly in 4 to 6 weeks versus 10 to 18 months at the lowest possible cost to meet the customers need. We did not have to buy and install, configure and learn any new technology. Not only did we reduce the cost, we also reduced the risk associated with implementing a new technology or service.”

Rockwell Automation

“During implementation, we discovered several system issues that we were previously unaware of. EMMA is now being used by our maintenance staff to build our electrical shutdown system. The electrical staff find it easy to use and saves them a significant amount of time researching the impacts of impending, shut downs”. 

Lakeridge Health, OshawaDigital Clicks

“There was very little training required and this system is being used on a regular, almost daily basis. This has allowed our staff to prepare reports showing the implications to staff, patients and hospital operations when isolating selected distribution equipment, all with a simple mouse point and click.” 

William Osler Health System, Etobicoke#

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Drastically reduce shutdown prep time and eliminate surprises during shutdown.

EMMA reporting software will show every connected piece of equipment downstream including circuits. The report can be exported to Excel and sent to all stakeholders. The system can be implemented for water steam gases and other systems . Coupled with equipment locations and the shutdown form, planning time and resources can be cut by over 50%, accountability is increased, risk is minimized and surprises are eliminated.