Imagine accessing all your Electrical / Mechanical building services and Space information through a simple interactive graphical interface.


Use this information to quickly understand your facility. Use EMMA to search for available space and access Mech/Elect equipment locations and interconnections to manage planned and unplanned shutdowns.


Our Clients Save Time, Improve Productivity and Planning, Manage Risk and Mitigate Damage.

EMMA – Managing Changes to Space Requirements and the Associated Infrastructure Supporting It

– Services to consolidate and update your existing electrical mechanical equipment information – Software that transforms it into a feature rich, interactive facility mapping solution with extraordinary productivity and cost savings benefits


  • Simple, intuitive browser interface for PC’s & Tablets

  • Encrypted Security

  • Single Database and interface for

    • Space Management
    • Electrical Distribution
    • Medical Gas
    • Domestic and Heating Water
    • Fire Suppression
    • Steam and Gas distribution
    • IT infrastructure

  • Panel Schedule Interface to update circuit information on demand via tablet in the database that can printed to panel locations.

  • Change Tracking & Reporting

  • Shutdown Planning & Management System


  • Reduce critical equipment locate times by up to 70%.

  • Provide Planning staff with Space reports based on search criteria such as Room Type, Occupancy, Availability, Area etc.

  • Facility maps reduce/eliminate familiarization training of new staff.

  • Shutdown Management

    • Save time and money for planned events
    • Improved response to unscheduled events
    • Reduce facility, staff and patient risk

  • Quickly pinpointing equipment affected by planned construction reducing contract change costs

  • Reducing costs for certifications such as Med Gas and Arc Flash

  • Improving access to government funding through streamlined reporting of equipment condition status


Do you know exactly what will happen when you power down a piece of equipment for service?

Depending on the size and what equipment is affected, there is a lot of legwork that goes on behind the scenes in finding and verifying what’s out there to ensure that the effect on patients and staff is negligible and that everyone is held accountable.

ZOOM LOCK..Zoom to a view in your Floor Plan. 

You can now see what is on the floor above and below. With just one Click..


Perfect for Capital Planning Renovations and IPAC certification and management.

With EMMA in place the legwork already done. It frees up staff to address ongoing issues, which allows them to do more with less, and EMMA is already demonstrating this. A hospital client in Etobicoke recently had scheduled a main electrical system shutdown to install new incoming Electrical service equipment. They estimated over 300 hours of planning and preparation time. With EMMA the work was completed in about 150 hours with no risks and no surprises.


  • Understanding implications of Isolating critical equipment with minimal planning and preparation time.

  • Isolation Report provides a list of equipment and areas affected including electrical circuits and rooms and plumbing fixtures.

  • Add notes to log issues that occur so the same issue does not occur.

  • Isolation report attached to shutdown form where form notifies all stakeholders and tracks approval.

  • Developing various scenarios for contingency planning minimizing surprises and associated risks.

  • Proactive response to equipment failure at anytime from anywhere.

  • Improving access to Isolation report attached to shutdown form where form notifies all stakeholders and tracks approval.

  • Add notes to log issues that occur so the same issue does not occur.

What our customers say

“During implementation, we discovered several system issues that we were previously unaware of. EMMA is now being used by our maintenance staff to build our electrical shutdown system. The electrical staff find it easy to use and saves them a significant amount of time researching the impacts of impending, shut downs”. 

Lakeridge Health, Oshawa#

“There was very little training required and this system is being used on a regular, almost daily basis. This has allowed our staff to prepare reports showing the implications to staff, patients and hospital operations when isolating selected distribution equipment, all with a simple mouse point and click.” 

William Osler Health System, Etobicoke#

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement EMMA?

There are two components to EMMA. The first involves our services which takes the information you have (e.g. old drawings and equipment lists) and creates a set of electronic facility maps and repository for your EM equipment. The time needed to complete this phase depends on the availability and quality of your information. Once complete, launching EMMA takes less than a day for you to be up and running.

How much does the system Cost?

We charge one low monthly fee that allows you to use EMMA for all of the EM Systems we currently support (e.g. Electrical, Medical Gas, Steam, Water, Plumbing). These fees are calculated using a formula that considers the square footage covered and the savings estimator that reflects our customers experience. We’ll show you how this works as part of our sales presentation!

Do the monthly fees increase if the number of users increases over time?

No, You can add as many users as you think you need.

Who do I contact for support?

The Emma team includes support personnel capable of dealing with any issue quickly and efficiently.Our team is available by email or phone Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm est.

What if I don’t want users to make changes?

No Problem. Your administrator can assign view access only to selected users.

What if I require professional Services?

Professional services are billed on a time and material basis. We will provide you with an estimate once we’ve reviewed your information set.

Schedule a Demo

Space and Infrastructure Integration

Understanding how Space is affected by Infrastructure is essential when changes are needed to one or both. Repurposing a space could affect the lights, air, water, and gases required. Planned or Unplanned shutdowns of Infrastructure equipment affect the Space it serves. This demo will show how the time required in evaluating the options, costs, and risks involved goes from days to minutes by using the simple, secure interface that drives EMMA. Contact us for a demo.